Community Service Committees

ARTS & CULTURE: We promote and support arts and cultural activities, including music, literature, dance, fine arts and drama. We foster an appreciation for a wide range of creative expression in the arts, by visiting museums and creating craft items to donate to the local community, and sponsoring the annual member arts and crafts contest.

ENVIRONMENT: We encourage awareness of natural resources and caring for the world around us. We collect items such as pop tops for Ronald McDonald House, cellphones and reading glasses for Avalon and other materials to recycle or reuse. We also work on a variety of projects to help beautify our town and increase awareness of the environment and join with other organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving natural resources.

EDUCATION & LIBRARIES:  We work to promote education for ourselves and our community and award scholarships to local high school seniors.  We also support the local Head Start program and donate books to local school libraries, and members participate in book discussions during committee meetings.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & OUTREACH:  We try to become better world citizens by reaching beyond our local community to assist the impoverished around the globe, preventing human trafficking, providing clean drinking water, and alleviating hunger. Projects focus on disaster preparedness, citizenship and the needs of veterans. We donate to Operation Smile and House of Mercy, and collect Stamps for the Wounded.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: We hope to promote a healthy lifestyle in our community and address local issues of hunger, poverty, and inadequate housing and homelessness. We provide helping hands and monetary donations to Blayton House, collect items for FISH and Avalon, assist in the Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle bell ringing, and support other local organizations focused on wellness and health.